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How To Heat The Galvanized Steel Wire Rope
2017/10/28 18:16:36

Galvanized steel rope whole operation flow is still very complex, if any of the details of a problem, then produced products are not pass. Heat treatment is also one of the aspects of operation, and how can we heat it?

First of all, before we used for the heat treatment of the raw material should check the materials used is not consistent with the use of standard heat treatment, surface material to be used without cracks and scratches can be more serious, if there are problems such as folding and handle, can not be put into use.

Second, after the heat treatment of galvanized wire rope semi-finished products, but also need to comply with the technical requirements of factory acceptance. The surface of the semifinished product can not have serious corrosion problem, and also can't have any bumps and scratches.

If there are other problems such as oil pollution, we can not put it into use. And if the product is finished steel products, and the use of quenching processing, can only ride a slight wind rust.

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