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  • What are chains used for?
    Chains are generally made of metal rings or loops joined together in a manner of passing through one another. They are used to secure, lift and pull; and for transferring of energy or power in a mechanical system.
  • What are the types of chain?
         The different types of chains used in power transmission are,· Roller chain.· Silent chain.· Leaf Chain.· Flat-top Chain.· Engineering Steel Chain.
  • Structural Characteristics And Application Of Hot Galvanized Steel Rope
    The twisted steel wire rope is made of high quality galvanized steel wire rope (1*19W, 1*25FI).One, its characteristics:1, in the free state of tension, the steel wire rotation angle is equal to 0, synthetic torque equal to 0.2, rope soft good, after lift…
  • What Are The Uses Of Galvanized Steel Wire Ropes?
    The utility model can be used in the fields of advanced building, vehicle and ship bundling, traction and banding, etc., and is used for shipping, ocean petroleum exploration, aircraft manipulation and ocean fishing, etc..Rope core galvanized steel wire r…
  • The Maintenance Method Of Stainless Steel Wire Rope
    The stainless steel wire rope needs to be maintained after use for a while, but in actual use process, because of some users' maintenance methods are wrong, it not only wastes time, but also does not achieve the effect of maintenance. Then, how to cor…
  • What Are The Common Uses Of Stainless Steel Wire Rope?
    1. general purpose stainless steel wire rope (including galvanized steel wire rope): use in all fields2. elevator stainless steel wire rope: used in high-rise buildings in manned elevator equipment, the requirements of the structure close, soft, structure…
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