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Maintenance of stainless steel wire rope

[author: Date:2015-7-24 15:48:06]

Stainless steel wire rope in use for some time the need for maintenance, but in actual use, due to the maintenance of some users the wrong way, not only a waste of time did not achieve the maintenance of effect. So, how to properly carry out maintenance on stainless steel wire rope it? Taizhou soyo summed up the following, I hope we can bring help.

1. Check the outer surface of the wear and tear of wire rope and yarn breakage, when worn area does not exceed 7% of the total area, it can reduce the level of use, more than 7 percent, rope scrapped.

2. must ensure a good match for the rope and sheave, the two do not match, it will cause excessive wear between the rope and sheave, shorten their service life.

3. use should be oiled regularly to the rope and prevent sediment dip. Wire rope lubricant in three ways, namely, dispensing, spraying and brushing.

4. pulleys and other accessories regularly and inspect wire rope assemblies, pulleys and other accessories should ensure flexible rotation, rotation found astringent, bang move or abnormal sound, should pulley bearing lubrication.

5. the rope should be regularly checked and recorded, including the period of use of wire rope, wear, broken wires, the degree of corrosion, grease, the shape damage and other abnormalities.